Odwodnienia liniowe polimerobetonowe

Odwodnienia polimerobetonowe

Odwodnienia liniowe betonowe

Odwodnienia betonowe to idealne rozwiązanie do odprowadzania wód deszczowych z różnych terenów

Odwodnienia liniowe z tworzywa sztucznego

Odwodnienia z tworzywa sztucznego są lekkie i łatwe w montażu, a zarazem estetyczne i trwałe
The main products of our company include concrete linear dewatering units and plastic linear dewatering units. We produce dewatering gutters form A15 to E600 class and sewage sumps, under-gully sumps and doormats. Thanks to that our products are used by a large group of clients both individual ones as well as large developers. We guarantee durability and quality as well as the lowest possible prices, not to mention discounts and rebates.
The linear dewatering is designed for the areas of residential housing, pedestrian pathways and bicycle lanes, in gardens, on terraces at entrances to buildings, garages, parking lots for passenger vehicles and trucks as well on factory sites, production halls and petrol stations. Anywhere there is a problem with water proper elements of linear dewatering should be used.

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