Concrete linear drains

Linear drains are used both in private properties and large-scale construction projects.

Polymerconcrete linear drains

Polymer concrete linear drains


Plastic drains are light and easy to install and yet aesthetic and durable.

Linear drains Other

Linear drains Other

Linear dewatering systems by Bielbet are a perfect solution for the conveyance of rainwater from various types of hardened areas. Everywhere there is a problem concerning the conveyance of rainwater linear dewatering systems can be applied. Dewatering ducts are installed in the top-layer and covered with a grid. Water is collected there and flows down to a drainage system or directly to a drainage ditch. The system can be installed on any hardened top-layer, also the existing one with little labour input. During heavy rains the system prevents from the self-creation of big puddles. It is installed in home-adjacent zones, pavements, shoulders etc.

We produce dewatering gutters made of plastic and concrete.

The offer of plastic linear dewatering units includes units of class A15, B125, C250 with a cover made of galvanized stainless steel, of plastic and cast iron.

Whereas the offer of concrete linear dewatering units includes units of class A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 as well as sewage sumps, under-gully sumps and doormats.

The wide offer enables a customer to choose the most appropriate solution.
We guarantee durability, quality and the lowest prices as well as discounts and rebates for regular customers. We also offer transport for purchased goods. Lots of companies have trusted us. We are characterized by top quality products, quick delivery of ordered goods, convenient payment terms as well as nice and professional customer service.

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